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Posted on March 21, 2013 at 8:55 PM



It's been awhile! Hopefully everyone hasn't been too busy lately! Hehe I know I'm late and I'm stupidly inactive, so please bear with me I'll get back to updating and doing stuff very very soon!!! The semester is almost done and there's a lot of other stuff that's starting off the summer for 2013!! Whoaaaa it's already spring of 2013!!! Right HAPPY SPRING!!! Although from my place there's still snow -_-; But hey! I can't complain! At least there's snow for the winter this year! Ok! Well to update you all this is what I've been doing!


Reader's Blog: momohimeherloyalrescueteam


~ It's my blog of my reviews on the books that I've read :) Wahh my room is being bombarded with books!! I'm running out of room!!!


Random Blogger: teampanpansgo


~ So this is my true random blog site!! Where what ever I feel like updating will come to light!!! Also it pretty much links back to all the things that I'm currently doing!


Alright! I hope your all doing well!! Hehe, or well I hope your doing well David!! If your still checking up this site! I'm still using this site for updating my ahem... vocaloid covers!! And I'll still be updating my blogging site! :) Hope your all doing well!! See you soon!


~Tammu Kun ♥ Baka Ranger: MuraKaninchen-chan ♥


馬鹿 レンジャ : 紫カニンチエンちゃん

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