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I've decided to make another website, due to the fact that I didn't like howwordpress made me pay to make my own layout, but anyways that's why there's another site XD. I don't have any particular aim for my website apart from it being my free site to show people what I basically do when I'm bored. So please keep in mind that my site does not want to promote, or advertise anything, and it is majorly RANDOM!!!!  Please I've warned you, so if you don't like RANDOM acts of overly dramatic ranting, slightly intoxicated overdose of remedial laughing or snickering, back itching and painstaking remorseful singing, or anything in the general direction I'm going in please vacate my site to your nearest GOOGLE search engine and you will perhaps live a fine and dandy life without the help of my somewhat sordid overly abused website. 

Well anyone else still left after having read that tiny warning, perhaps you all have the stomach for my site. HURRAY!!!!!! I applaud and ADORE you all!!!!!!! Alright, I'm done my warnings and perhaps ass-kissing ( of course by now I will have less wonderful, beautiful, and loving viewers). 

 If you have visited my previous blogging site, than welcome you've simply clicked onto another site with more RANDOMNESS it could possibly hold!!!! I will add more photos, if you find an incriminating picture of yourself please all you have to do is simply yell at me thorough your expertise of a handy keyboard by the commenting section and I will try my best to comply to your wishes. Although if I did not comply to your wishes it might be among a number of things, 1) I might have yet to log in and checked current new comments so please all you have to do is learn the miracles of patience, 2) I might have forgotten or overlooked the comments because I'm human and the possibilities are endless, or 3) I've simply chosen the matter of oh I DON'T CARE, that or I went bitchy. A warning to people, the third choice will only be chosen by me when I know that the photo is rightfully, and it is simply NOT a copyrighted or vulgar photo.

Also videos or pictures that I host on this website would not have anything to do with any copyright materials. Anything that I've hosted on my site will either link back to the original and or credited to the author/ creator. 

 Alright!!! Sorry I just had to list out these important matters so that others may not complain. 

 OK WELCOME!!!!! PansPans proudly presents ♥ LOVEEATTINGRABBITS ♥

A simple blogging site that I've decided to host on my own, so please enjoy all the RANDOMNESS I am able to offer and I will work hard to maintaining this site up too!!!


Yours Truly

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♦ThePoor life of A Student ♦

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Hey everyone,

? ?? I'm sorry, I haven'tbeen able to lately post nor updated anything on this site. You may havenoticed, (or not) that I haven't done anything lately for almost a month. Mylife lately has been comprised of school, home, eat, hwk, sleep, school,although not necessarily in that order. And I have been way too tired to startorganizing and uploading stuff onto the site. That means that until I find moretime or somehow randomly decide to work on this site during some day when Iwant to distract myself, my site will be devoid of any new updates.?

??? Although this doesn'tmean that my site will go on hiatus, it will still be live and running,although at most times missing me or basically new updates.

??? So until then for themean time enjoy the forums! I will hopefully get back to organizing the Infopage, which means more additions to the music page and such, and new additionalstuff!

? ?? If you want to contactme though... I will unfortunately be out of reach, since I might not even beable to check up on this site for weeks. You can leave messages for me on theGuestbook page, however I will not be able to reply quickly. If your a member,(HURRAY!! =D If your not a member, read JOIN OR DIE!!! ) then you may messageme through the system. Those messages will probably reach me faster then a messagethrough Guestbook.


? ?

?- Until next time, yours truly


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Join or Die >.<

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Hi everyone!!!!

?You've all just noticed my site right right? Lol it truly doesn't have anything more than that, however I will get it going as far as I can hehehe XD

?Alright, I just have to tell you all one thing. My site has developed a membership. Its free, but sign up so you get the freedom of hosting pictures/videos to share with your family. Of course Facebook is better cause you can share with your friends and family, but my site is for more personal stuff. Like if you want only some people to see it than that is possible.

?Of course that is all there is! Thanks and please enjoy!!!! Of course you must be kind to your fellow neigboring rabbits!!!


?Yup!!!! Oh and don't FORGET TO FEED YOUR RABBITS!!! hehehe membership requires some sorts of constant returning maintenance XD


Thanks Yours Truly


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Hey Members Using Forums!

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Hey Members!

This will not apply to you unless your a member and use the forums. Thats why you should JOIN or DIE :D

Anyways the point for this message is to inform forum users that when they want to share files, large files may offten be compressed into smaller versions of themselves for easier uploading process. So those of you who are interested in downloading the files might have to download this program in order to open the files. If you think you might have the right program already, make sure your program is capable of opening files in .zip or .rar

There are many programs out there that are capable of opening these files, I have a program that costs money, however there are other free programs out there as well. So here is one of them, just open the site and find the download button for the program. Then all you have to do is to follow simple directions in dowloading and installing the program.

I haven't tried this site before, however it is a free site that gives you a program that allows you to read these files.

The program I use is Win-Rar, it only has a trial edittion however for free, you can find other ways to get this program, however I don't know at the current moment to help you on that. You can try Googleing other programs, most of them are pretty basic so I highly doubt they won't work despite the quality the freewares are usually.

Anyways thats pretty much it! Talk to me if you have any regards in the direction of opening these files!!!

Best Regards!

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