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♦ThePoor life of A Student ♦

Posted on October 11, 2010 at 1:13 AM

Hey everyone,

? ?? I'm sorry, I haven'tbeen able to lately post nor updated anything on this site. You may havenoticed, (or not) that I haven't done anything lately for almost a month. Mylife lately has been comprised of school, home, eat, hwk, sleep, school,although not necessarily in that order. And I have been way too tired to startorganizing and uploading stuff onto the site. That means that until I find moretime or somehow randomly decide to work on this site during some day when Iwant to distract myself, my site will be devoid of any new updates.?

??? Although this doesn'tmean that my site will go on hiatus, it will still be live and running,although at most times missing me or basically new updates.

??? So until then for themean time enjoy the forums! I will hopefully get back to organizing the Infopage, which means more additions to the music page and such, and new additionalstuff!

? ?? If you want to contactme though... I will unfortunately be out of reach, since I might not even beable to check up on this site for weeks. You can leave messages for me on theGuestbook page, however I will not be able to reply quickly. If your a member,(HURRAY!! =D If your not a member, read JOIN OR DIE!!! ) then you may messageme through the system. Those messages will probably reach me faster then a messagethrough Guestbook.


? ?

?- Until next time, yours truly


♥ Baka Ranger:? MuraKaninchen-chan ♥

???馬鹿 レンジャ :? 紫カニンチエンちゃん


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