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Hey Members Using Forums!

Posted on August 25, 2010 at 2:46 AM

Hey Members!

This will not apply to you unless your a member and use the forums. Thats why you should JOIN or DIE :D

Anyways the point for this message is to inform forum users that when they want to share files, large files may offten be compressed into smaller versions of themselves for easier uploading process. So those of you who are interested in downloading the files might have to download this program in order to open the files. If you think you might have the right program already, make sure your program is capable of opening files in .zip or .rar

There are many programs out there that are capable of opening these files, I have a program that costs money, however there are other free programs out there as well. So here is one of them, just open the site and find the download button for the program. Then all you have to do is to follow simple directions in dowloading and installing the program.

I haven't tried this site before, however it is a free site that gives you a program that allows you to read these files.

The program I use is Win-Rar, it only has a trial edittion however for free, you can find other ways to get this program, however I don't know at the current moment to help you on that. You can try Googleing other programs, most of them are pretty basic so I highly doubt they won't work despite the quality the freewares are usually.

Anyways thats pretty much it! Talk to me if you have any regards in the direction of opening these files!!!

Best Regards!

♥ Baka Ranger:  MuraKaninchen-chan ♥

   馬鹿 レンジャ :  紫カニンチエンちゃん


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