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It's been awhile! Hopefully everyone hasn't been too busy lately! Hehe I know I'm late and I'm stupidly inactive, so please bear with me I'll get back to updating and doing stuff very very soon!!! The semester is almost done and there's a lot of other stuff that's starting off the summer for 2013!! Whoaaaa it's already spring of 2013!!! Right HAPPY SPRING!!! Although from my place there's still snow -_-; But hey! I can't complain...

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Love Eats Rabbits Returns ^3^

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Love Eats Rabbits Returns ^3^

♥Love Eats Rabbits ♥

Hi everyone!!!!!

Sorry I haven't updated anything in a SUPER long period of time! But I want to come back!!! Just to update everyone, since I haven't done much on my site, all my topics under music links are dead. If there is anything you want just leave a comment under the topic and I'll shock it back to life =^o^= All right! It...

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Just another song for the new year :) Hope you all enjoy!   \^0^/

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♥ Baka Ranger: MuraKaninchen-chan ♥

馬鹿 レンジャ : 紫カニンチエンちゃん


Posted on October 24, 2010 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

I've decided to make another website, due to the fact that I didn't like howwordpress made me pay to make my own layout, but anyways that's why there's another site XD. I don't have any particular aim for my website apart from it being my free site to show people what I basically do when I'm bored. So please keep in mind that my site does not want to promote, or advertise anything, and it is majorly RANDOM!!!!  Please I've warned you, so if you don't like RANDOM acts of ov...

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Three Simple Words at Your Lips

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Three Simple Words At Your Lips



Opening Scene


The beat makes you move.


But you dance it out.


What do you say? It's so simple.


Please don't brag,


I've heard it all,


You tell me you can't live without me,


You tell me how you miss me


But what do I want to hear the most?


I want to feel you,

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♦ThePoor life of A Student ♦

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Hey everyone,

? ?? I'm sorry, I haven'tbeen able to lately post nor updated anything on this site. You may havenoticed, (or not) that I haven't done anything lately for almost a month. Mylife lately has been comprised of school, home, eat, hwk, sleep, school,although not necessarily in that order. And I have been way too tired to startorganizing and uploading stuff onto the site. That means that until I find moretime or somehow randomly decide to wor...

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Join or Die >.<

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Hi everyone!!!!

?You've all just noticed my site right right? Lol it truly doesn't have anything more than that, however I will get it going as far as I can hehehe XD

?Alright, I just have to tell you all one thing. My site has developed a membership. Its free, but sign up so you get the freedom of hosting pictures/videos to share with your family. Of course Facebook is better cause you can share with your friends and fami...

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Hey Members Using Forums!

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Hey Members!

This will not apply to you unless your a member and use the forums. Thats why you should JOIN or DIE :D

Anyways the point for this message is to inform forum users that when they want to share files, large files may offten be compressed into smaller versions of themselves for easier uploading process. So those of you who are interested in downloadin...

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